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Home of the 5 years or 50,000 mile warranty!

Home of the 5 years or 50,000 mile warranty!

Transmission Service for Southcenter Foreign and Domestic Transmissions


The transmission system is one of the most crucial and hardest-working automotive components. Constant use under tremendous stress conditions can wear it out. Regular transmission service is required to preserve the system and avoid costly repairs. Transmission service is a routine maintenance job that is extremely essential as it reduces the chances of the transmission slipping, or any other transmission problem happening.

The people of Southcenter, WA who need transmission service done on their vehicles should come to ALLSTAR Transmission. Our owner-operated transmission shop services both foreign and domestic transmissions.

We offer complete transmission service for Southcenter vehicles, including:

  • Removal and examination of the sump (if possible)
  • Cleaning/replacing the filter
  • Cleaning the pan and reinstalling it with new pan gasket
  • Transmission flush and transmission fluid change
  • Addition of friction modifier

Our regular transmission service saves the vehicle owners of Southcenter from the hassle of transmission malfunctions and extends the life of their system.

Regular Transmission Flush for Southcenter Vehicles


Transmission flush is necessary to clean out the grime and sludge in the transmission before replacing all of the old fluid. Doing so helps in maintaining the health and performance of the transmission system. Ignoring a regular transmission flush in your Southcenter vehicle means inviting serious transmission problems.

As a responsible vehicle owner, you should check your owners manual to know the manufacturer-recommended intervals of the transmission flush and get it done by us when the service is due.

You should also know that a transmission flush done for your Southcenter vehicle by an inexpert technician with improper equipment or solutions will do the system more harm than good. With us, you can relax and know that transmission flush in your Southcenter vehicle will be done by mechanics who are:

  • ASE-certified
  • Knowledgeable and experienced
  • Sincere and diligent

Transmission Fluid Change for Southcenter Cars and Trucks


Our transmission service specialists also perform transmission fluid change in Southcenter cars and trucks to ensure proper transmission maintenance. By draining out the old, dirty fluid and filling up the transmission with new fluid, our transmission fluid change leads to better lubrication and reduced heat in the transmission system.

As we carry out automatic or manual transmission fluid change for our Southcenter customers, we make sure to:

  • Use top-grade transmission fluid for replacing the old fluid
  • Keep transmission fluid change prices fair and affordable
  • Complete the entire job in a fast, professional and hassle-free manner

Call ALLSTAR Transmission at 206-686-2883 to learn more about the transmission service they offer Southcenter residents.

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